Eye Treatments

Excimer laser is a reliable technology that allows us to eliminate the defects that cause us to wear glasses by shaping the cornea of ​​the eye. Myopia, hypermetropia, or astigmatism treatment can be performed in patients older than 18 years by laser operations. However, if myopia (-8.00 degrees), hypermetropia (+ 4.00), and astigmatism (from 5.00) are too high, the chance of success decreases with a single procedure. Information should be given by the physician about such cases. Before laser surgery, the patients should be examined very well and many tests should be performed and the suitability of the eye for the procedure should be evaluated.

Laser surgery is performed with local drip anesthesia. Needle or general anesthesia is not required after surgery.

There are two main groups of laser operations. However, both of these procedures are equivalent to each other in the 3rd postoperative period. These 2 laser surgery methods include:

First of all, the outer surface of the cornea (skin part) opens like a page-flap. The lower part is laser-corrected and the page-flap is closed again. Thus, only the edges of the page-flap (flap) will only be corrected. Page-Knife or femtosecond laser can be used to open the cover. Femtosecond laser treatment has proved its success especially in recent years. Very fast recovery after the procedure. Approximately 6-8 hours of burning after the recovery occurs.

It is applied by removing only epithelial tissue without opening any page. Much less corneal tissue is thinned. It can be applied especially in patients who cannot be applied LASIK due to the thinness or weakness in the cornea. On the first day of the procedure, burning-stinging occurs. Starting from 1 day after the procedure, burning-stinging is significantly reduced. Recovery takes place within 3-4 days. During this time, protective and healing bandage contact lens is not applied to the eyes.

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