Nose Aesthetics

Rhinoplasty / Nose Aesthetics

It is described as the surgical reshaping of the nose structure. Our nose is the most important structure for aesthetics as it presents in the middle of our face. This is why minor changes on the nose reveal serious differences in overall appearance.

With the development of technology in recent years, various programs have been put into service in the health system. Of these programs, one group tries to show the difference between before and after Rhinoplasty by playing on 2D images. These programs can give you an idea of changes in the side view of your face after the nose aesthetics surgery. It should not be forgotten that a person is not a photograph. Each play on a picture may not be possible during surgery. Even if the result is very good after surgery, if there are unrealistic expectations this results in frustration and disappointment in the patient. The main thing is not to play on a photograph but to reach a natural and beautiful appearance by paying attention to the limits that will not disturb the health of the patient.

How is Rhinoplasty / Nose Aesthetics Treatment Done?

Nose Surgery Treatment is done with two techniques: Closed or Open Nose Surgery. In open nose surgery, an incision is made in the middle lower part of the nose and this scar remains (though decreasingly visible with time). Closed nose surgery is done from the inside of both nostrils and leaves no visible mark from the outside. In both techniques, all aesthetic operations related to the nose can be performed. Which technique to use depends on the doctor.

At the same time, especially the anterior cartilaginous curvatures or meat growths leading to breathing problems can be eliminated. Nevertheless, all the obstructive masses in the nose cannot be removed including the aesthetic performance. Some additional processes may be required for these.

Who Is Rhinoplasty / Nose Aesthetics Treatment Applied To?

It can be applied to people with nose-related problems, preferably those who are 18 years of age.

After Rhinoplasty / Nose Aesthetics Treatment …

After Nose Surgery two tampons remain temporarily in the nose. Cloth or silicon perforated buffers can be used. The choice depends on the patient’s needs. In any case, they do not cause any problems for the patient and they are very comfortable to take out.

Bruising and swelling around the eyes may vary person to person. These should pass completely in a week. In fifteen to twenty days, bandages can be taken off. Returning to work life is much earlier depending on the job and work environment. It takes six months for the nose to fully seal. In this period, it is essential to protect the nose from hits.


  • The hospitals in Turkey are equipped with the highest technological medical devices in the world.
  • The hospitals in Turkey are routinely checked twice a year according to international accreditation criteria.
  • The Republic of Turkey supports the work carried out in health tourism activities and has incentives.
  • The treatments in Turkey are more quality and cost less than other European countries.
  • All doctors and health institutions in Turkey have vocational necessity insurance and in cases arising from any medical malpractice using the malpractice system, the victimization of the patient is resolved.
  • High quality and fast service are provided by getting rid of long patient lists.
  • As a Bymedic Health Tourism company, It is our basic condition that the hospitals we work in Turkey have JCI (Joint Commission International) quality certificate.
  • Our customers travel with the world’s best airline company, Turkish Airlines and their journeys are short.
  • As Bymedic Health Tourism Company, we have international quality standards documentation, training and records to officially perform health tourism activities. In addition, we have the necessary conditions to benefit from the support and incentives offered by the Republic of Turkey.
  • As a Bymedic Health Tourism company, we provide 24/7 customer satisfaction with specialist health consultants and interpreters for the arrival of our patients from Turkey, treatment, accommodation, operation processes, cultural touristic visits, post-treatment support.

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